Unit-1 Studying Human Society

This unit familarize the students with some tips on how to study a society.

Describe more than one side of a difficult situation may have faced?

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Learning Pundits Content Team

Written on Apr 15, 2019 12:10:49 PM

We come across many difficult questions in the study of society which are not easy to answer. For instance, it is not difficult to find cases of top elites subscribing to religious practices based on irrational beliefs. Democracy is a good thing but is not so when exported to countries like Haiti, Afghanistan and Iraq as was done recently. This is because few have successfully exposed the American designs behind occupation of Iraq despite the fact that there were no weapons of mass destruction for which it had attacked that country in the first instance. When lies and myths make up such global mistakes and adventures without heeding global protests, knowledge in such a situation actually reduces to become a media-powered propaganda. Knowledge for centuries has grown through ongoing debates and dialogues and not through imposition by a dominant group or a nation.

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