Unit-1 Studying Human Society

This unit familarize the students with some tips on how to study a society.

In study of society, what sort of safeguards one should maintain?

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Written on Apr 15, 2019 12:17:33 PM

At times we come across some social phenomena which occupy the popular mind because of the publicity effects. Let us take two recent examples which are extremely controversial. One such case is the cartoon controversy about which you must have read and heard from the media. The cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed in wrong light (as indicated by carrying a bomb on the head) are often considered as an exercise of freedom of expression. Mr. Irving, a neo-fascist wrote two pieces of article in violation of this ban. Fourteen years after publication of this Article, police put him behind the bars recently while he was traveling in Austria. On a broader plane, when one looks at such types of sensitive issues, it is advisable to take recourse to a humanitarian and modem point of view. We are therefore strongly of the opinion that if the ban on denial of holocaust is right, reprinting of Prophet Mohammad’s cartoons to show him in an adverse light of terrorism is wrong. Studying Society this way is actually a matter courage which should enable the student to not only identify and analyse a social problem, but what is more important, he or she should be able to call a spade a spade and not by any other name. Another influential happening around us these days is a new world order in which violence has become an important tool of social change. You must have heard about the 9/11 terrorist strike on twin towers (World Trade Centre) of America. It is an important feature of studying of human society that one should gather the courage to name a criminal engaged in the act of sabotaging social solidarity and human peace. Democracy is a good thing but is not so when exported to countries like Haiti, Afghanistan and Iraq as was done recently.

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