Unit-2 British Administration 1757-1858

Understand the important landmarks in the British East India Company administration from 1757-1 857

How did Pitt's India Act alter the administrative machinery in England?

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The arrangement made by Pitt's India Act operated till 1858. Indian Government was subjected to a system of dual control in which the Company could initiate proposals subject to the revising and directing authority of the Board. The Act reduced the number of members of the Governor-General's Council to three. One of them was to be the Commander-in-Chief. This change enabled the Governor-General to get a majority.

The Act clearly indicated the subordinate character of the Governments of Bombay and Madras and made independent action on their part, impossible. The Governor-General-in-Council had the power and authority to superintend, direct and control other Presidencies in all matters. The entire diplomatic relations of the Company in India as also the finances necessary to support them were entrusted to the Governor-General-in-Council. 

Hence, through Pitt's India Act, the Control of the Crown over the Company, of the Company over the Governor-General-in-Council and of the supreme government over the subordinate Presidencies was greatly improved and fairly well defined.

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