Unit-2 British Administration 1757-1858

Understand the important landmarks in the British East India Company administration from 1757-1 857

Enumerate the five stages in the setting up of the Revenue Department.

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A Controlling Committee of Revenue was set up in 1771 at Calcutta with powers to inspect, control and direct revenue affairs. In 1772, the Company decided to stand forth as diwan and carry out all revenue administration through its own men. So a Committee of Circuit was formed which worked along with the Controlling Committee of Revenue. Finally in 1772, it was decided to have a Revenue Department at Calcutta in place of these various bodies. The Department had a Secretary, an Assistant Secretary, and a sub-secretary, a Persian Translator, an Accountant-General and several Assistants. In addition to Department Secretaries to Government who acted under the direction and control of the Council, there were three inferior Boards to take care of details of execution.

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