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The aim of this unit is to help you in a systematic manner to write good paragraphs.

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Mitosis is when a cell divides and replicates itself. There are four major steps in the process. The first step in mitosis is the Pro-phase. The Pro-phase occurs when the chromosomes in a cell squish together and become visible and the nucleolus disappears. The second step is the Meta-phase where the chromosomes attach to spindle apparatus. The third step is the Ana-phase. By the end of this stage, there are now two complete sets of chromosomes at either side of the cell. The last step of mitosis is the Telo-phase, which is when the two sets of chromosomes separate into two separate cells. Some cells, including fly embryos, take less than ten minutes to divide, while others can take up to year to divide. Regardless of the time it takes, all mitosis will follow the same steps.

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Steps of Mitosis.