Unit-1 Writing Paragraphs-1

The aim of this unit is to help you in a systematic manner to write good paragraphs.

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In the following paragraph the transitional words and phrases are missing. Fill in the gaps by choosing the most appropriate words/phrases from the list given below : 

despite however also

yet but in the future 

Of all the sea's possibilities for man's future, the greatest may be its promise of an important increase in the world's food supply. Square mile for square mile, the sea is estimated to be more productive than the land. .....(i)…. at present the oceans supply only one or two per cent of man's food. ...(ii)... all that he is learning about the sea, man's relationship to it is still primitive; he is a hunter rather than a harvester. ...(iii)..., along some coasts oyster growers set out beds of oysters and fence out the oyster's enemies to increase the yield ...(iv)..., in the Philippines, Indonesia, Japan and China people already grow fish and prawns in freshwater ponds. ...(v)... this is just a beginning ....(vi)..., to meet the great needs of a rapidly expanding world population, man will have to farm the sea as he has for so long farmed the land.

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  1. Yet
  2. Despite
  3. However
  4. Also
  5. But
  6. In the future