Unit-1 The Consequences Of Colonialism

Understand how India came to become what it was at the time of Independence and grasp political, social and economic processes.

How did de-industrialisation effect the agrarian economy?

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Written on Apr 15, 2019 6:48:08 PM

Due to de-industrialisation, the traditional industries and crops related to Indian agriculture got ruined. It pauperised the Indians. Its consequence on agriculture, to note in passing, was extremely damaging. People thrown out of secondary manufactures were thrown in on the agriculture for direct sustenance, land had to support so many more millions of people. This led to a Where ruination of an already, as we have seen earlier, impoverished peasantry. As the number of people on land went on increasing, the relations of peasants with the landlord (or the superior owners) were worsening on the one had and the number of landless agricultural labourers increasing enormously.