Unit-4 Complex Societies

In this unit we examine industrial conflict in complex societies and also aspects of employment of women.

List the three types of urbanisation.

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The three types of urbanisation are:

               i ) over-urbanisation;

               ii) under-urbanisation; and

               iii) de-urbanisation

The developing world is experiencing over-urbanisation. Cities are enclaves which are surrounded by villages. They are also considered to be 'beach-heads' from which economic growth and its benefits go out towards rural areas. Our view on over urbanisation is that metropolitan development is due to foreign capital. Thus, cities are being exploited by the main powers of the developed world. Such urban centres become exploiters of the rural areas near them. They are, however, themselves dependent on industrial nation for economic and political dominance. In this situation, manufacturing industry does not grow strong. The service sector is over-emphasised. What results therefore, is the urbanisation without proper industrialisation.

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