Unit-4 Complex Societies

In this unit we examine industrial conflict in complex societies and also aspects of employment of women.

Write a brief note on conflict in industry in modern societies.

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Conflict and disputes arise in industry in modern societies over:

       i) working conditions;

       ii) required technical qualifications; and

       iii) responsibility relative to pay.

   These are the areas of management worker discussions, and often disputes. Thus, work effort is always being discussed relative to pay. The worker wants higher pay and facilities. The management however, wants to maximise profits, and this includes keeping low wages and long hours of work for the workers. The same problem exists with technical skill and pay. Again responsible behaviour is sought after by management. The level of responsibility varies with the level in an organisation. Higher positions carry higher responsibility-and higher pay. This too afterwards becomes a bone of contention. Further conflict areas exist when attempts are made to put machines to work and remove workers. This is also called retrenchment of labour. It also exists when attempts are made to control them very closely. Jobs can often be dehumanising and alienating.

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