Unit-1 Public Administration - Meaning And Scope

This unit explains public administration and its characteristics. It distinguishes between business and public administration.

Explain the scope of Public Administration.

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It is widely acknowledged that the scope of the discipline of Public Administration has to be wide enough to respond to the complex social realities of today. Major concerns of the discipline are: Promoting (publicness : In a democratic society, Public Administration has to be explicitly 'public' in terms of democratic values, power -sharing and openness. This calls for a new climate in the bureaucracy. Public Administration in practice, has to absorb the principles of democracy as an overarching form of the government. Policy Sensitivity: As governments are called upon to play increasingly active roles in times of rapid changes and social crisis, innovative and timely policy formulation becomes 'a prime necessity in the government. This would necessitate a new preparedness within the administrative set -up that had hardly any precedence in the past. Implementation Capability: Effective policy implementation is going to test the coping capacity of the governments in today's complex situations. Goals have to be clearly set; planning, programming and projections have to be followed step by step; and project management in all its ramifications has to have top priority in government. 

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