Unit-1 Public Administration - Meaning And Scope

This unit explains public administration and its characteristics. It distinguishes between business and public administration.

Distinguish between Public Administration and Business Administration.

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Written on Jun 26, 2019 5:13:52 PM

The distinction between the public and the private sector is however, greatly influenced by the political philosophy of each nation. In the USA, for instance, the private sector plays a very important role in the American economy and society. The public sector is in many days dependent on the private sector for the supply of goods and services. Hence, the tendency in that country is toward a blurring of lines rather than a distinct bifurcation of responsibilities. In India, by contrast, the public sector is slowly emerging as the dominant sector in the context of mixed economy. The steady expansion of the public sector in India if it continues unabated, is expected to draw a sharper distinction between the public and private management. Considerations of general welfare should be the common concern of both public and business administration. Private management can ignore the larger public interest only at its peril. other end, Public Administration can hardly ignore the needs of efficient management. 

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