Unit-1 Public Administration - Meaning And Scope

This unit explains public administration and its characteristics. It distinguishes between business and public administration.

Explain the character of Public Administration.

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Written on Jun 26, 2019 5:14:07 PM

The discipline of Public Administration has been evolving over the years under the impact of changing societal conditions, and new developments in the allied Social Sciences. The original disciplinary interest was to improve Governmental performance: This led to its, separation from its parent discipline of Political Science.

ΓΌIn its enthusiasm to 'reform' government and make the administrative agencies more business-like and productive, Public Administration as a discipline has tilted markedly toward the "management sciences". The accent is on administrative and managerial tools and principles such as budgeting, management techniques, application of operations research methods, computer technology, etc. Such heavy management orientation has tended to rob the discipline of its social science character. It has necessarily paned company with Political Science and almost merged itself into management education. The discipline has gradually come to assume a vocational character, the objective being to produce public managers much in the same fashion as the management institutes produce a cadre of managers for the business world. 

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